Toony rig

Hey! This week i seen Horton hears a who and i realy loved Who's mayor cartoony animation. So i decided to create my own cartoony character with stretch, squash and bend controls. Limited but funny facial setup, just eyebrows, eyes S&S and some extras like nose and ears. Here is a screenshot:

I think this rig gonna be free;)
See you later for updates!

Here is a first test with default skinning:)

Another screen: I began the skin wheight painting:

A render: i think here is the final design:



Hello guys! Youhouu! I've got my first animator job for Teamto studio and i will work on a serie: International Hareport. The production begins the 15 september, I can't wait!!!

It's gonna be realy cool to work with many other animators and i hope i will learn a ton about animation! Here is some pictures from the serie (That pictures are 2 years old so the global design is realy different now)

Teaser and informations here