Yeah! finaly i have internet at my appartement!
Now i'm gonna update this blog more often. Actualy i've lost all my animations because I forgot to pay for my server... So I have to research all this stuff on my old hard drive and upload it again :(

Also I'm gonna put my first professional animations soon!



New character

I'm working on a new basic human character with nice facial setup :)
Here are some pictures:


new character setup project

Hey guys
Here's some stuff i'm presently working on:
A cartoony face setup (i will create the body later)
Here are some screenprints:

Geometry wireframe:

The body:

I love JTD autorig :D


blake animation test

Hey, here is my last and final version of the blake animation test:)

Animation link


New animation: Blake rig test

Yep guys, this week i did a little animation with the new Jason Baskin rig: Blake.
Ok first, that's an awesome rig, realy funny design with a nice setup and it was great to animate blake;)
So, about my animation, it ain't the last version, there is some things i have to fix.

ok, here it is: enjoy and critic!