new character setup project

Hey guys
Here's some stuff i'm presently working on:
A cartoony face setup (i will create the body later)
Here are some screenprints:

Geometry wireframe:

The body:

I love JTD autorig :D


G1toons said...

whats the jtd autorig, rig looks fun just downloaded it

Fuzz said...

jtd rigging tools (by John Doublestein) is a very good rigging script that creates a nice body setup. So you just have to orient all the joints of the squeleton and then launch the script to rig your body:)

alex said...

hey vraiment sympas le design la suite la suite :D

Anonymous said...

awesome man! the character and the rig looks friggin awesome!

I'm trying to work on a character too at the moment, but having a few complications finishing it...

Check out my blog if you have the time and let me know what you think? an advice on what i'm doing right or wrong would be much appreciated!



Tony Sharp said...

This rig is fantastic!

I'm working on an animated short right now about humans and robots for my portfolio. Would you mind if I used this character? I would give you full credit in the credits, and a copy of the short after completion.

You can see more of my work at:

sgollub said...

This looks like a great rig! My name is Seth Gollub, I am an animator from New York and I would be interested in using your rig for an animation tutorial I am writing for a magazine. I would give you full credit for the rig of course. My email is sgollub@hotmail.com