New character

I'm working on a new basic human character with nice facial setup :)
Here are some pictures:


Scott McElfresh said...

This character rig is looking great. Is this going to be a public release or is it for a project you're working on?

Fuzz said...

thanks! I thinks I'm gonna put it on creative crash. But I'm still doing the face setup and I have many other projects to do, so I don't have enough time to work on this dude :(

Lindsey said...

I LOVE the look of this rig. I would love to animate with him :)

Dave said...

This guy looks awesome! Any idea when he'll be released?

Anonymous said...

j'admire vraiment tes facial rig sa fait déjà longtemps que je me demande comment on fait. Enfin je veux parler de ta technique c'est a dire sans blend shapes mais avec des espèce de cluster. Pourrais- tu m'expliquer rapidement la technique a entreprendre avec maya ?
(par exemple sur une simple sphère)
répond moi par mail si tu préfère: thefrancisl@yahoo.fr
Merci et encore bravo c très réussi ^^


Heyy Look good I am wating for download for animation.When you will update for animation