Yeah! finaly i have internet at my appartement!
Now i'm gonna update this blog more often. Actualy i've lost all my animations because I forgot to pay for my server... So I have to research all this stuff on my old hard drive and upload it again :(

Also I'm gonna put my first professional animations soon!



andrei.radacina said...

Grate blog! Can you re-upload the pendulum rig again?


Fuzz said...

Yep, I'm gonna do that! I just have to find it in my old hard drive ;)

Thanks for comment:)

Scott McElfresh said...


I've been thinking about the react animation you posted on 11 second club all week. It is really fantastic - the type of animation that I would like to be able to do. (I guess I'm a fan of your work now).

Did you design and make the character as well? I love the squash and stretch you can get on him.

Anyways, please continue to post your work - thanks for the inspiration.

Fuzz said...

Thanks dude!
About the rig, yes i made it myself. I think I'm gonna put it free on my next personal website. If you're interested I can send it to you, and you're gonna be my beta tester :D

Anyway, thanks a lot for your interest! It's all I need to keep motivate and work hard on each peace of animation I make (even if I'm always 200% motivate to animate;))

Scott McElfresh said...

That would be great Michel!

Clockswork said...
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Anonymous said...

hey am not able to download the rig its showing error .. can u plz help me out..