First animation test for Toony

Hey i finished Toony rig so i have to experiment now this character with a small animation:) Here is the first step of my work: The keyblocking (not finished)

(clic on the picture to see the animation)

here is another playblast with some other poses. (The backward step must be changed :p I'll try to do that more cartoony. It's also a problem with the wrist on the last pose, i'll fix that soon )
playblast keyblocking #2


Alex said...

J'adore ^^
Au fur et à me mesure tu te construit ton style et j'adore...
Bon courage pour la suite

sylvain.b said...

keep going, l'anime démarre bien, la suite la suite :)

Jabberwock said...

maintenant que t'es pro va falloir revenir nous donner des conseils!! ;)

Sho said...

alors que deviens tu l'amis ?!

Hector Lopez said...
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Anonymous said...

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