FKarms/fingers issue fixed!

Ok guys, I just fixed the fk arms problem. Now you can use fingers with both, FK and IK arms!!!! Ain't that cool?

Thanks for using Joe rig, and have fun!


Dave said...

Awesome! Thank you Michel, I'm looking forward to using Joe for some animation exercises.

Any idea if/when you will be releasing your basic human character with the really nice looking facial setup? He looks super expressive and I'd love to give him a try.

Thanks again. - Dave

Fuzz said...

Yop Dave! I realy dont know when I will finish this character (no name so far). Currently I'm working on some personal animations more than character rigging. But I like this character and the facial is almost done. So, be sure that I will continue it one day;)
Have fun with Joe!

Randall said...

Fingers Still do not work :(

Fuzz said...

hmm, I need someone else to try it, because it's working well for me.
Be sure you opened the right file (the one you just download).

Dave said...

Everything seems to work for me. (Win XP, Maya 2008) I was playing with it this weekend and it's a nice rig. Thanks for sharing it. =)

Dave said...

Thanks again for the rig, Michel. It really is a lot of fun. Any chance you could add FK/IK snapping? It's always nice to have that when blending between the two.



Fuzz said...

Hi Dave, glad you like it :)
Actualy, I don't know how to do the IK/FK snap... But I will take a look at this later, I promise!


Randall said...

Awesome... works.... sorry about the false comment... I guess I was clicking on the geometry.

Dave said...

OK, Michel, sounds good. Thanks for taking the time to reply and thanks again for the rig. It's fun!



Clockswork said...

Hello Michel!

I realize that this is a weird place for a question like this but I couldn't find your email. :)

I'm a animation student living in Sweden. We have been having an individual assignment for awhile now and I decided to create a character rig. I modeled the face and legs but had a hard time coming up with a torso that would fit him. Then I thought of the Fuzzy rig and I used him as a reference.

I hope that this is OK. And I will of course credit you in my reel.

I love your work.


You can see a picture of the rig here: http://i397.photobucket.com/albums/pp57/Clockswork/rigKlar.jpg

Fuzz said...

Hi Clockswork! I have no problem with that. Thanks for asking, I apreciate.
Have fun animating!

Clockswork said...

Wow! Quick answer, I love it! :D

Thank you so much! And I will. :)

Clockswork said...

The rig is almost finished and I've put up a quick video on youtube. Is there anything specific you would like me to add in the description box?


Best regars

Andrew said...

Hello there,

I'd just like to say thanks very much for the rig! Such simple design but so beautiful to look at.

A friend and myself have set up a site to do a pose everyday and i've been using Joe to run through a kung fu narrative. To accommodate the characters i've used Joe as the main character but have aslo slightly added to or chnaged the geometry to make a Mr. Miyagi and Chuck Norris.

I apologise that it's only now but I forgot to ask your permission to use Joe for this. Have a look at the site and if you don't feel ok with please just give me a shout and i'll remove them. You're also on the links page though so people can come straight to your blog if they want the rig.

The site is called http://www.dailyposes.com

At the minute it links to our blog while we get it set up.

Many thanks for the rig and again, if there's a problem, please let me know and i'll remove all trace of your rig from the site without hesitation.

Fuzz said...

No problem Andrew ;) You can do wathever you want with the Joe rig as long as it's not for comercial use!
Thanks for asking :)
Btw I didn't knew this website before and I realy like it! And your poses are so sweeeet!
Keep up the good work and thanks for using the rig!

Andrew said...

Wow, thanks Michel.

I've already had two people contact me to ask about your rig so i just referred them to your blog. Everyone loves the simple styling of it.

It means a lot to hear you say that you like the site. We can only hope that in the future we can still get as much detail into the shots and not just chuck in any old thing. Also means something extra special for me as i believe you're at the company I'm going to try and apply to when i graduate. TeamTo are doing some very nice work (especially like Hareport but have yet to see Babar which was a favourite of mine as a kid - i do hope someday someone will do a good 3d version of the Tintin adventures) Anyway, sorry, that's all off the point.

Just wanted to say thanks again for the rig and the speedy response. Hope we can continue to do it justice.


Fuzz said...

Hi Andrew,
Yes, I'm still working at Teamto but on I'm on vacations now, recharging batteries!
I realy enjoyed animating Babar, hope you'll enjoy watching it :)

And I'm glad you liked hareport, it was my first job as an animator! Believe it or not, but I actualy never watched any Hareport episode on TV... too early in the morning :s

Anyways, I didn't forget you asked me to upload my first animations: I'm working on it! And I'll put some recent stuff as well.
(Do you know Oasis? it's a pretty cool project I worked on).

Here is my gmail if you need anything: urbanek.mich@gmail.com

Andrew said...

Hello again Michel =D

I'd just like your permission for a few things please.

1. i'd like to use a modification of the Joe rig in a my final year project short film for university
2.i'd like to alter the model a bit, but then completely re-rig him.

i will give you full credit for the rig as always but i don't know enough about rigging to start adding the modifications here and there. I'd just prefer to start with the altered geometry and re-rig and then skin it from the ground up.

None of this is for commercial use and once the short is done and handed in, i will make the rig fully available to you to do whatever you wish with. I've already added a mouth rig for it:


and this is the photo collection of the short's progress so far.


If none of this is ok, just give me a shout and i'll take it down, no problems. Thanks again for the use of the rig and i hope everything's going well for you at the minute =D

- Andrew

Fuzz said...

Yeah back after 5 month vacation, I feel great :D
Sure you can use Joe rig in your short film ;) Let me know when its done,I wanna see the stuff.