Here is a little bit of my work on Oasis, a cool tv show we've animated last year at Teamto:
Any comments are welcome ^^

ps: sorry for the bad quality of the videos I dont know how to better it... Uploading video on blogger changed since the last time I used it. There seems to be no option at all.


Tyson McGhee said...

Awesome stuff man, Really like your animation. I was wondering if I would be able to use your Fuzzy Cartoon Rig 0.0.1 to do my demo reel. I am a student at Vancouver Film School and am in need of a character and rig. I love your setup and the look of your character.

Fuzz said...

Thanks tyson, yeah sure you can use fuzzy!
Hope you'll enjoy animating it.
Thanks again for your comment ;)

Tyson McGhee said...

Thank you so much you saved me I had created a rig but just did not have the modeling skills required to create a functioning character. Is there some way I can contact you to have you sign a release wavier so I can use your character. Its policy of the school not to let students use others property without a release waver so the school and I do not get in trouble showing the reel.I really appreciate you letting me use your character it is really fun to animate with.



Fuzz said...

You can contact me privatly at urbanek.mich@gmail.com

My Animation Blog said...

Hi Fuzz, this is swapneel from india....i am practising animator at home.....your animation is awesome.....Will mail you my animations.......Thanks

sandun3d said...

Freeking awsome man. im going to follow you.

Jurgis Tamulis said...

Really good animation! I would call it sharp and brief. Poses really convey the character.

Matthew said...

Hi buddy,

I'm trying to find the great Joe rig you made with a master finger control, the only one i seem to be able to find is one with seperate finger piece controls which would take a log time to position correctly.

Could you point me in the right direction?


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Anonymous said...

postes de nouvelles anims! j veux voir tes progreeees!!!


Connie Jordan-Carmichael said...

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John Edwards said...

Funny Videos :-)

Karan Johar said...

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